Government of the prople, by the people

[original title:  Rothenthurm]

Switzerland 1984. 16mm, colour, 50 min.

Image: Rothenturm Image: Rothenturm Image: Rothenturm

This film devotes itself to the events concerning the proposed military base at Rothenthurm, which the local populace has stubbornly contested over the past decade. Their resistance has been directed ,against the devastation of high moors claimed to be among the most beautiful in Europe. The tenacity of the Rothenthurm residents has in the meantime led to expropriation by the state. Many see this as the end of democracy; others want a military base at any price. Ine film conveys four levels of the overall picture of the Defense Department, the mood of Rothenthurm after a long, hard-fought decade.

The film shows the changing seasons, the beautiful landscape, and the daily life of Adolf Besmer. He is the only farmer who will have to give up his farm in Nesseli if the project is realised. Quiet, descriptive pictures of the village and several public discussions are interspersed. Numerous persons concerned present their version. Free from controversy, the film still takes a stance – democracy in action!

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DirectorEdwin Beeler
ScriptEdwin Beeler
PhotographyEdwin Beeler, Adi Uhr
SoundErich Hirtler, Markus Baumann
EditingEdwin Beeler
MusicChristian Betschart, "Kene"
CollaboratorsFotos: Georg Anderhub
Duration50 min.
Screening formats16mm
Shooting format16mm
Release14.9.1984, Rothenthurm
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Distribution SwitzerlandSwitzerlandFilmkollektiv Zürich AG
Contact, World RightsEdwin Beeler Calypso Film
Mythenstrasse 7, CH-6003 Luzern
+41 41 361 02 44   +41 76 325 02 44
ProductionFilmkollektiv Innerschweiz, Luzern; Filmkollektiv Zürich

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