Champions von morgen

Switzerland 2008. HDV, colour, 67 min.

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Ever since they were 5-year-old tots they have wanted only one thing. Football is their life, their passion. To become a football star – that’s their dream! Davide Mariani, Dominik Trost and Raoul Mutter are junior football player trainees. One day football should become their profession. For this they are prepared to give everything, even if they are driven beyond the limits of their own capacity. Davide, Dominik, and Raoul, born in 1991, are already confronted with the brutal reality of the business of football: injuries, setbacks, substitute’s bench. Only a few ever make it to the top.

DirectorTheo Stich
ScriptTheo Stich
WithRaoul Mutter
Davide Mariani
Dominik Trost
PhotographyUeli Nüesch, Pio Corradi
SoundMartin Witz, Dieter Meyer
EditingRainer M. Trinkler
CollaboratorsProduktion: Marianne Bucher
Duration67 min.
Screening formatsHDV
Shooting formatHDV
ST français
ReleaseSchweizer Fernsehen 8. Mai 2008/ Solothurn 2009
FestivalsSolothurn 2009
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Contact, World RightsMarianne Bucher
Segantinistrasse 129, 8049 Zürich
ProductionFilmkollektiv Zürich AG