Les Indiens sont encore loin

Switzerland 1977. 35, colour, 98 min.

A young girl, Jenny Kern, a seventeen year old student, is found dead in the snow.
The film retraces, day after day, the last week of her life without explaining how the brutal end could have come about and without naming the person responsible. Light and shade, words and silence are used to depict the emotional climate of adolescence, and the constrained living conditions and social and mental environment that made this death both possible and unforeseeable are vividly portrayed.

DirectorPatricia Moraz
WithIsabelle Huppert, Christine Pascal
PhotographyRenato Berta
SoundLuc Yersin
EditingThierry Derocles
Duration98 min.
Screening formats35
Shooting format35
Contact, World RightsRobert Boner
boulevard de Grancy 26, CH-1006
+41 79 950 81 13
ProductionFilmkollektiv Zürich AG