Je ka mi or Your Happiness Is Entirely of this World

[original title:  JE KA MI – oder Dein Glück ist ganz von dieser Welt]

Switzerland 1978. 16mm, colour, 96 min.

Image: Je ka mi ou Ton bonheur est de ce monde Image: Je ka mi ou Ton bonheur est de ce monde Image: Je ka mi ou Ton bonheur est de ce monde

The race for promised happiness or the search for the lust paradise - fitness is another world for this. Why ? Man stands today at the bottom of a precipice, who is hopelessly sick. Hopelessly? He has sinned this is loudly proclaimed and a mighty machine is put into operation so that, in his free time, ho can work and pant, move and make amends in order Io continue fulfilling his tasks and to adjust to his stress situation - and continue to damage his health. A film about a mass phenomenon and methods of adjusting: from nudism to robotlike physical training. Mens sana in corpore sano... but happiness lags behind.

DirectorRoman Hollenstein
ScriptAlexa Haberthür, Georg Janett, Roman Hollenstein
PhotographyHans Liechti, Otmar Schmid
SoundMathias Knauer, Hans Künzi, Robert Boner
EditingGeorg Janett
CollaboratorsKameraassistenz: Rainer Klausmann, Rainer Trinkler
Mitarbeit: Tina Georgiadis, Edwin Horak, Beate Koch, Hans-Rudolf Kutter, Bertold Rothschild, Nina Stürm, Jean-Jacques Vaucher
Duration96 min.
Screening formats16mm
ReleaseSolothurn 1978
Distribution SwitzerlandSwitzerlandFilmkollektiv Zürich AG
Contact, World RightsRoman Hollenstein Erben
ProductionRoman Hollenstein, Filmkollektiv Zürich