Alzire or The New Continent

[original title:  Alzire oder der neue Kontinent]

Switzerland 1978. , colour, ca 100 min.

The 200th anniversaries of the death of Voltaire and Rousseau are on May 30th and Juliy 2nd 1978 respectively. On this occasion, zhe film relates the story of a a troupe of actors who attempted to perform Voltaire's play "Alzire" which defends the ideal of leniency towards the Indios. The concept of bringing the play up to date is defeated by the town authorities who are not prepared to finance experiments. The actors move to the country wehere they attempt to overcome the classical form of the theatre by incorporating a living image in Rousseau's sense with the farmers and peasants. The attemp fails. Some membres of the troupe set out for Bolivia, the scene of "Alzire", to find thê true Indios.

DirectorThomas Koerfer
ScriptDieter Feldhausen
WithFrançois Simon, Roger Jendly, Monika Bleibtreu, Verena Buss, Nikola Weisse, Hans Peter Korff, Rüdiger Vogler
PhotographyRenato Berta
SoundLuc Yersin
EditingGeorg Janett
MusicLateinamerikanische Originalmusik
Durationca 100 min.
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ProductionThomas Koerfer Film AG und Filmkollektiv Zurich AG