Switzerland 1979. 35, colour, 92 min.

Schoolmaster Schildknecht wants to repair the damage done by generations of teachers before him. In the living tradition of Schilten, however, it seems that only that which is dead can thrive. In the immediate vicinity of the burial ground, observed and overheard by the caretaker, who is also the grave-digger, alterations to the teaching traditions of his predecessor are impossible. Resistance seem useless, but it is impossible for Schildknecht to conform. The consequence: an attempt at escape in a absurd "cover of darkness" lesson ends with the loss of his pupils.

DirectorBeat Kuert
ScriptBeat Kuert, Michael Maassen (nach dem Roman von Hermann Burger)
WithMichael Maassen, Gudrun Geier, Norbert Schwientek, Kaarina Schenk
PhotographyHansueli Schenkel
SoundFlorian Eidenbenz
EditingBeat Kuert, Barbara Riesen
MusicCornelius Wernle
Duration92 min.
Screening formats35
Shooting format35
Contact, World RightsBeat Kuert
via alla Perfetta,, CH-6864 Arzo
ProductionFilmkollektiv Zürich
ISAN 0000-0000-5CCF-0000-K