Zum Abschied Mozart

Switzerland 2006. 35mm, colour, 80 min.

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A high school class in their last six months of school. As a farewell to the time they have shared for the past 12 years, they are rehearsing and performing W. A. Mozart’s Requiem. Showcased in one world in the film is the life of youth in Zurich’s “Oberland” region: skating, drugs and flamenco, life shaped by the ambivalence of fear and hope in relation to an uncertain future. Depicted in the other world in the film is the hard work musical expression entails and the struggle with a discipline where the interests of single individuals are forced to take a backseat for the benefit of the collective. A film about a musical project discordant with the Zeitgeist.

Official Link / Website:  http://www.zumabschiedmozart.ch

DirectorChristian Labhart
ScriptChristian Labhart
PhotographyRené Baumann, Otmar Schmid
SoundSandra Blumati, Hanspeter Fischer, Ruedi Gujer
EditingBarbara Weber
MusicMarkus Fritzsche
CollaboratorsTon Konzert: Peter Büttiker
2. Kamera Konzert: Richi Grell
Design: Claudia Labhart
Tonschnitt: Magnetix, Hans-Peter Fischer
Tonmischung: Magnetix AG, Dieter Lengacher
Postproduktion Bild: Swisseffects, Jan Mathys
Duration80 min.
Screening formats35mm
VersionsOV Dialekt (oder OV Dialekt mit dt UT)
Release1. April 2006
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Distribution Switzerland
Contact, World RightsChristian Labhart
Schwalbenstr. 129, CH-8623 Wetzikon
ProductionFilmkollektiv Zürich AG
Koproduktion: Schweizer Fernsehen
Suisa number1005.889

Official Link / Website:  http://www.zumabschiedmozart.ch