Hard time family

[original title:  Das Flugjahr]

Switzerland 1982. 35, colour, ca 90 min.

The Müller family lives on the outskirts of a provincial town. The father runs a small carpenter's shop on the ground floor. The garden behind the house is visibly running wild. Franz, almost grown up, still lives at home and works with his father or sitits upstairs in his room building remote control aeroplanes. Müller hopes to save the family and reorganizes his buisness. Frau Müller has not left her bed for a long time, and husband and wife do not speak to each other. The grandmother ist summoned to their aid; the old machines are be sold, everything is to change. A dealer in machinery, Herr König, appeares on the scene, but he is more interested in the family than in the machines. Franz plays with his aeroplanes on the street and meets Doris, the girl from the town. Frau Müller gets up and has to quilt, and Herr König visits the family almost daily. He, too, wants to change his life. Change is in the air. Franz starts off into a new world.

DirectorMarkus Fischer
PhotographyHansueli Schenkel
SoundHanspeter Fischer
EditingMarkus Fischer, Eva Jozefiak
MusicMarkus Fischer
CollaboratorsHans Heinz Moser, Rosemarie Fendel, Alex Duda, Therese Affolter, Michael Maassen, Grete Heger
Durationca 90 min.
Screening formats35
Shooting format35
Contact, World RightsMarkus Fischer
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+41 43 317 99 20
info@snakefilm.ch   www.snakefilm.ch
ProductionFilmkollektiv Zürich AG, Markus Fischer, Stella Film GmbH München