The same to you

[original title:  Du mich auch]

Switzerland 1987. , colour, min.

A love story? A thriller? A comedy? A fairy tale?
Two young people in Berlin. They've been living together for some time; they love one another; they hit each other, they miss the excitement of getting to know each other, the clammy hands and shaky knees at the beginning ... then they separate. The usual story, until a crime comes to their aid and pratically forces them together. Followed by sinister gangsters, they wander through the big, narrow city, two hungry heroes in search of their lost love. They sleep in the streets, dream of the sea, lose themselves and find themselves, escape over the rooftops, get shot, an live on. Just like in the movies.

DirectorDani Levy, Helmut Berger
ScriptDaniel Levy, Anja Franke, Helmut Berger
WithDaniel Levy, Anja Franke, Matthias Gnädinger, Regine Lutz, Hans-Eckart Eckhard
PhotographyCarl-Friedrich Koschnick
SoundAndreas Klein, Slavco Hitrov
EditingBettina Böhler
MusicNiki Reiser, David Klein, Olivier Truan, Dave Peterson
Shooting format16
Contact, World RightsDany Levy
ProductionFilmkollektiv Zürich AG, Känguruh-Film GmbH, TV DRS