Switzerland 1991. , colour, 80 min.

Anne, Nina and Max are always travelling independently from each other by Train in zhe "Golden triangle" between Zurich,Berne and Basle. They experieve their "Existence" between places: a permanent state of departure without an arrival. One journey serves as a spring-board for the next. The cities are reduced to stations, which in turns are crossings between rest and helplessness. These are only there to justify going somewhere and being nowhere. Three pictures of three lives between three cities.

DirectorThomas Imbach
WithChristine Lauterburg, Roger Nydegger, Sylvia Wetz
PhotographyPeter Liechti
SoundSabine Boss
EditingBernhard Lehner
Duration80 min.
Contact, World RightsThomas Imbach Bachim Film
Hohlstr. 208, CH-8004 Zürich
ProductionFilmkollektiv Zürich