Es braucht etwas Mut

Switzerland 1991. 16mm comopt, colour, 54 min.


This film presents a portrait of Switzerland's first autonomous old people's community in Oberzil, St.Gall, founded in 1983 by Ida Keller at the age of 73. We accompany the inmates through their day-to-day lives, and they talk about their lives in the community.

DirectorMartin Wirthensohn
ScriptMartin Wirthensohn
PhotographyMichael Adams
SoundJacqueline Surchat
EditingRainer M. Trinkler
MusicBarbara Schirmer
Duration54 min.
Screening formats16mm comopt
Distribution SwitzerlandSwitzerlandFilmkollektiv Zürich AG
Contact, World RightsMartin Wirthensohn
Sillerwies 8a, CH-8053 Zürich
ProductionMartin Wirthensohn und Filmkollektiv Zürich