Well Done

Switzerland 1994. 35mm, colour, min.

In a high-tech compagny, over 1'200 people are engaged in checking the daily transactions of billions of Swiss francs in form of endless stream of data. A few figures emerge from the mass of employees who have been sucked into the labyrinthine building and word out by avalanches of words: the Gold Card expert, the Product Manager, the Head of Departement, the PC supporter,m the Key Account Manager, the Director. Inconspicuous gestures, ways of speaking and looks recorder by the camera are woven together in a serial montage portrying a world in which the subtle power of electronic technologiy shapes communication between human beings and leaves its traces in the most private spheres.

DirectorThomas Imbach
ScriptThomas Imbach, Monika Gsell
PhotographyJürg Hassler
SoundThomas Imbach, Peter Bräker
EditingThomas Imbach, Jürg Hassler
Screening formats35mm
Contact, World RightsThomas Imbach Bachim Film
Hohlstr. 208, CH-8004 Zürich