Switzerland 2005. 35mm, colour, 85 min.

Image: Klingenhof Image: Klingenhof Image: Klingenhof

Klingenhof: A courtyard in a part of Zurich which is inhabited by “all nations”; domicile of the authors; a film spontaneously grown out of the idea, Why not start a project just in front of one's own door? Meeting faces, destinies, by chance, following the word of Claudio Magris, Any place can be the centre of the world. Of course there are at once questions about the origins of the inhabitants, about feeling homesick, being well or not in a foreign country, about how comes you feel at home, generally, at a certain place or not. Friendships are beginning to arise, faces become familiar. Young and old people look for adventures of their own in the courtyard, one arrives, one goes and turns back, maybe one leaves forever. The work on the film was overshaded by the premature death of Hans Stürm, both companion and cameraman.

DirectorBeatrice Michel
ScriptBeatrice Michel, Hans Stürm
PhotographyHans Stürm, Otmar Schmid
EditingMarlies Graf Dätwyler, Rainer M. Trinkler
Duration85 min.
Screening formats35mm
ReleaseSolothurn 2005
FestivalsSchweizer Filmpreis 2006
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Contact, World RightsBeatrice Michel
Konradstrasse 81, CH-8005 Zürich
+41 44 272 07 06
ProductionFilmkollektiv Zürich
Suisa number1005.233