Gasser & Gasser

Switzerland 1994. 35mm, colour, 90 min.

Image: Gasser & Gasser

"Gasser & Gasser" ist the story of two policemen, the Basle public protection officer Peter Gasser and the Zurich police informer Heinrich Burch, alies ""Henry Gasser". Under the pressure of the massive public criticism opf "snooping Switzerland", Peter Gasser loses faith in his work and feels left in the lurch by his superiors. The reconstruction of his crisis is interwoven with the cronicle of the "fiches affair", and the more dramatic this becomes, the more he suffers - until he finally commits suicide. "Henry Gasser" is detailed as an undercover agent in the alternative quarter of Zurich know as "Kanzlei" in order to spy o suspected underground activities,. The whole thing turns into a farce, and those being spied on discover the informer. In this film, Gasser & "Gasser" only appear in photograpühic and video documentation. Our experience of them is based on the traced they have left on other people.

DirectorIwan Schumacher
PhotographyPeter Indergand
SoundMartin Witz
EditingGeorg Janett
MusicStefan Wittwer
Duration90 min.
Screening formats35mm
Contact, World RightsIwan Schumacher
Räffelstrasse 11, CH-8045 Zürich
+41 44 202 58 44
ProductionFilmkollektiv Zürich AG, Iwan Schumacher, SF DRS, Teleclub