Switzerland 1997. , colour, min.

“The biggest damned ghetto”, is the way the school caretaker describes the classroom in which Xhumi and Müke are to spent their last few month at school. Ana's hands become moist with sweat when she is asked about the job she hopes to find at some future date. Olli is already on the outside, i.e. on the street. “You don't look so good these days”, says Ati, the roast chestnut vendor, himself not yet 20. We find ourselves on the sunny side of Zurich's Gold Coast with a bunch of kids who are trying to break into the world of work, into the consumer society around them. It's six degrees below, says Olli to his friend Ati, as Dani lets himself slide heavily from the bed to the floor.

DirectorThomas Imbach
ScriptThomas Imbach, Monika Gsell
PhotographyJürg Hassler, Thomas Imbach
SoundThomas Imbach
EditingThomas Imbach, Jürg Hassler
MusicPeter Bräker
Distribution SwitzerlandBeim Autor oder Rechteinhaber erfragen
Contact, World RightsThomas Imbach Bachim Film
Hohlstr. 208, CH-8004 Zürich
ProductionBachim Film, Filmkollektiv Zürich AG, SF DRS