Four in Time

Switzerland 1998. Beta SP, colour, 53 min.

Upon the filmmaker's initiative on the 6th of January 1997 four swiss drummers, Pierre Favre, Fritz Hauser, Daniel Humair and Fredy Studer got together in Zurich to rehearse for a period of four days. The film focuses on the coming together of four very different personalities, an artistic dialogue that reaches the height of its "crescendo" at the time of their concert.

DirectorTheo Stich
PhotographyP.Lindenmaier, T.Albrecht, P.Corradi, P.Mennel, A.
SoundDieter Meyer, Martin Pearson
EditingRosemarie Schaub
MusicPierre Favre, Fritz Hauser, Daniel Humair, Fredy Studer
Duration53 min.
Screening formatsBeta SP
Shooting formatBeta SP
VersionsEnglisch/Französisch/Schweizerdeutsch (Deutsche Untertitel)
Contact, World RightsTheo Stich
Bankstrasse 8, , CH-8610 Uster
ProductionFilmkollektiv Zürich