Exil am Bosporus – Der Zoologe Curt Kosswig

D/CH 2002. , colour, 93 min.

Curt Kosswig, a German zoologist, is forced to leave Nazi Germany in 1937. He finds work as a zoology Professor at the University of Istanbul. In 1933 a large number of academics expelled from Germany by the Nazis found a new home in Turkey and helped to promote the reform movement in the young Turkish Republic. Curt Kosswig became the father of zoology at Turkish universities and founder of the bird sanctuary on the Manyas Lake as well as the Institute of Hydrobiology in Baltalimanı on the Bosporus. Together with his wife Leonore he travelled through Anatolia and wrote the first scientifically-founded book on Turkish fauna.

DirectorMerlyn Solakhan, Manfred Blank
PhotographyUli Fischer, Martin Manz, Otmar Schmid et al.
SoundManfred Blank
EditingMerlyn Solakhan
Duration93 min.
Release20./21.9.04, NDR-Fernsehen
FestivalsZweiter Preis beim Filmfestival Ankara 2002
Contact, World RightsManfred Blank
Blankenfelder Strasse 30, D-13156 Berlin
Productionblankfilm Berlin; Filmkollektiv Zürich AG; Yeni Yapım Ltd. Şti., Istanbul