Nicolas Bouvier - 22 Hospital Street

Switzerland 2005. 35mm, colour+b/w, 83 min.

Image: Nicolas Bouvier - 22 Hospital Street Image: Nicolas Bouvier - 22 Hospital Street Image: Nicolas Bouvier - 22 Hospital Street

Kühn’s film tells how writer and photographer Nicolas Bouvier had to leave his home town of Geneva in order to find himself: back in 1955, after a two-year journey through the Balkans, Turkey, Iran and half of Asia, Bouvier arrives at the southern tip of Sri Lanka. Suddenly, his good fortune deserts him and Bouvier gets very ill. He is alone and penniless, completely left to his own devices for a period of nine months in an area that seems to be only populated by demons and insects. The film goes back in time to the wilds of the Indian Ocean and tries to discover what really happened back then. The mystery surrounding Bouvier’s stay in Sri Lanka thickens, and becomes the starting and crucial point of Bouvier’s central message.

DirectorChristoph Kühn
ScriptChristoph Kühn
PhotographySéverine Barde
SoundPeter Bräker, Denis Séchaud
EditingRainer M. Trinkler
MusicBertrand Denzler
Duration83 min.
Screening formats35mm
ReleaseMärz 2005
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Distribution Switzerland
Contact, World RightsMarianne Bucher
Segantinistrasse 129, 8049 Zürich
ProductionFilmkollektiv Zürich AG
Télévision Suisse Romande
Perceuse Productions Image
Suisa number1005.291