A Strike is No Sunday School

[original title:  Ein Streik ist keine Sonntagschule]

Switzerland 1975. 16mm commag., colour, 55 min.

Image: Une grève n'est pas une école de dimanche Image: Une grève n'est pas une école de dimanche

In June 1974, the employees of the piano factory Burger and Jacobi in Biel went on strike, because the company did not accept to pay the 13th month's salary agreed with the Cabinet-Makers Association. The film depicts the course of the strike and the experiences of the strikers. It does not attempt to display the authors's interpretations of this labour dispute but to so convey the dispute presented by the workers themselves – that it can become a subject within political discussions and reflections.

DirectorHans Stürm, Mathias Knauer, Nina Stürm
PhotographyHansueli Schenkel, Hans Stürm
SoundNina Stürm, Mathias Knauer
EditingHans Stürm, Mathias Knauer, Nina Stürm
MusicRichard Hager, Mathias Knauer
Duration55 min.
Screening formats16mm commag.
Shooting format16mm rev.
Versionsdeutsch, français
ReleaseSolothurn 1975
FestivalsOberhausen 1975 (Grosser Preis, Fipresci-Preis, Preis Kath. Jury); Moskau, Krakau, Grenoble, Montréal, Leipzig, Firenze, Nyon
Prämie EDI
LiteratureDumont/Tortajada N° 183 (t.1. p . 213)
Contact, World RightsMathias Knauer attacca Filmproduktion
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ProductionHans Stürm