Switzerland 1968. 16, colour, 17 min.

Image: Metro

Of the eight and a half million inhabitants of Paris and its suburbs, two million use the Metro subway system each day. St.Lazare station handles more than 100'000 daaily. On top of nine hours at work, commuters often spend two hours or more in travelling. In the morning - suburban train, then Metro. In the evening - Metro, then surburan train. They work by the thosands in factories, by hundreds in departement stores and offices. They live by thousands in a single apartement block, in flats with less than five square yards per person. Thevoppressive, inhuman quality of this way of live ist perhaps nowhere clearer than in the Metro. Fatique-worn, exhausted faces, expressionless gazes: these people submit themselves apathetically to the Metro as a daily part of their lives which they have to put up with.

DirectorHans Stürm und Nina Stürm
PhotographyHans Stürm
EditingHans Stürm und Nina Stürm
CollaboratorsHanspeter Stalder
Duration17 min.
Screening formats16
Shooting format16
Contact, World RightsNina Stürm
Seestrasse 246, CH-8038 Zürich
+41 43 817 14 83
ProductionHans Stürm und Nina Stürm