Switzerland 1975. 16, colour, 24 min.

Image: Kaiseraugst

During the occupation of the building area for the nuclear power station Kaiseraugst (April to June 1975), a number of filmmakers belonging to the Filmcooperative Zurich decided to make a film, the cost of which would be met from their own pockets. The short film was intended to correct the image that people wered already forming of the demonstrators and their aims. The theme of this group production is not the pros and cons of nuclear power station construction, but rather the capacity for self-defence of a large popular movement and the type of democracy to which they adhere. Interviews with demonstrators and participants in the occupation alternate with shots of the occupied area: impressions of an action in the course of which people like you and me began to find their voice and during which each person took an active part in this political cause.

DirectorKollektiv der Filmcooperative Zürich
PhotographyHans Stürm, Hansueli Schenkel, Carlo Varini
EditingMathias Knauer, Karl Saurer, Hans Stürm
CollaboratorsToni Stricker, André Pinkus, Jürg Hassler, Urs Graf, Nina Stürm, Richard Dindo, S. Ehrensberger
Duration24 min.
Screening formats16
Shooting format16
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