Cinema Dead or Alive?

[original title:  Cinéma mort ou vif?]

Switzerland 1977. 16mm, colour, 105 min.

Image: Cinéma mort ou vif? Image: Cinéma mort ou vif?

How Alain Tanner's film "Jonas" was made, and the reasons that things are shown the way they are. Alain Tanner's attempts to break through the hierarchical relationship between film-maker and public by means of unconventional filmic methods and to induce critical discussion through his film.
Our film presents scenes of the shooting and the recording of the music, as well as extracts from the film "Jonas" and some of the different personalities who made the prodution of "Jonas" possible: as well as Alain Tanner himself. The film features the actors, technicians, cutter, composer and producers.

DirectorUrs Graf, Hans Stürm, Mathias Knauer
WithAlain Tanner (Réalisateur). Renato Berta (Image). Jacques Denis, Roger Jendli, Miou Miou (Acteurs). Jean-Marie Sénia (Musique). Brigitte Sousselier (Montage), Yves Gasser (Producteur)
PhotographyHans Stürm
SoundLuc Yersin
EditingUrs Graf
Duration105 min.
Screening formats16mm
Shooting format16mm
VersionsOriginal französisch / französisch mit deutschen Untertiteln
FestivalsBerlin (Forum) 1978
LiteratureFilmprotokoll in französisch und deutscher Übersetzung. Katalog Forum Berlin 1978.
Contact, World RightsUrs Graf
Blumenfeldstrasse 31, CH-8046 Zürich
+41 44 271 15 14
ProductionFilmkollektiv Zürich