Urs Peter Schneider: 36 Existenzen

Ins Unbekannte der Musik

Switzerland 2005. 4:3, Dolby, colour, 92 min.

Image: Urs Peter Schneider: 36 Existenzen Image: Urs Peter Schneider: 36 Existenzen Image: Urs Peter Schneider: 36 Existenzen

A piece of music is being born. The life and work of a composer whose compositions, right from the beginning, would go beyond the scope of the usual concepts of 'serious' contemporary music. Over the period of one year, Urs Peter Schneider permits filmmaker Urs Graf to closely share the creation of a piece of music, from the first vague notions to its first performance. The film draws the attention to a fundamental human conflict the composer is particularly confronted with - the longing for something that goes beyond everything we can imagine beside our deep wish to have control over all our activities.

DirectorUrs Graf
PhotographyUrs Graf
SoundUrs Graf
EditingUrs Graf, Marlies Graf Dätwyler
MusicU.P. Schneider, J. Cage, J. Haydn, Hermann Meier, G.G. Englert, J.S.Bach
Duration92 min.
Screening formats4:3, Dolby
Shooting formatDVCam
Versionsschweizerdeutsch/deutsch / Digi Beta, Beta SP, DVCam, DVD mit deutschen Untertiteln
ReleaseSolothurn 2006
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Distribution Switzerland
Contact, World RightsUrs Graf
Blumenfeldstrasse 31, CH-8046 Zürich
+41 44 271 15 14
ursgraf.film@bluewin.ch   www.urs-graf.ch
ProductionFilmkollektiv Zürich
Suisa number1006.260