[original title:  Kollegen]

Switzerland 1979. 16mm, colour, 68 min.

Image: Collègues

The everyday life of a trade union: a section of a Swiss trade union and the activities of a union membre in a factory. A young union membre is the focal point of the film, and his experiences as a comittee membre of the Zofingen section f the Textiles, Chemicals an Paper Union, and as member of a workers' comittee.
A film about a trade union member . his commitment to his union, his problems with his union.

DirectorUrs Graf
PhotographyRob Gnant, Hans Stürm
SoundFelix Singer, André Pinkus, Marlies Graf Dätwyler
EditingUrs Graf
MusicRoland Moser
CollaboratorsFotos: Rob Gnant, Trudi Lutz
Maschinisten: André Pinkus, Felix Singer
Video-Technik: Jean Richner
Duration68 min.
Screening formats16mm
Shooting format16mm, Video
Release30.April/1.Mai 1979 Limmathaus Zürich
LiteratureBroschüre des Schweizerischen Filmzentrums "Kollegen"
Texte von Urs Graf zum Themenkreis, zum Film und ausführliches Filmprotokoll. 128 Seiten.
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ProductionFilmkollektiv Zürich