Es ist kalt in Brandenburg (Hitler töten)

Switzerland 1980. 16mm, commag, colour, 140 min.

Image: Il fait froid dans le Brandebourg (tuer Hitler)

Maurice B., a 22 year old Swiss citizen from Neuchâtel, planned an attempt an Hitler's live in Munique in 1938. What were his reasons? This film tries to trace the footsteps of this Catholic student. In an article on Maurice B. by Rolf Hochhuth, the author describes him as "Tell 38". Hans Frölicher, at the time Swiss ambassador in Berlin, condemned his "abominable intentions". And the People's Court in Berlin considered it to be "entirely natural to encounter political Catholoic gangster activity of his kind with the death sentence". Maurice B. was executed by the guillotine in 1941 in Berlin-Plötzensee after 30 months imprisonment. In accordance with the wishes of the National Minister of Justice, neither the German nor the Swiss public were informed of the execution. For the filmmakers, the direct reference to the present day inherence to the present day inherent in this story were just as important as the tracing of the historical material and the political situation relating to the story of Maurice B.

DirectorVilli Hermann, Niklaus Meienberg, Hans Stürm
WithRoger Jendly
PhotographyHans Stürm
SoundVilli Hermann
MusicFrank Wolff
Duration140 min.
Screening formats16mm, commag
Shooting format16mm
Versionsversion française: 2h14, voix superposée (Roger Jendly, François Germont, Mireille Eigner
FestivalsCannes 1981 (Semaine de la Critique)
LiteratureBroschüre des Schweizerischen Filmzentrums "Es ist kalt in Brandenburg"
Materialien und Texte zum Themenkreis, zum Film. 134 Seiten.
Buch von Niklaus Meienberg "Es ist kalt in Brandenburg, ein Hitlerattentat", Zürich, Limmat-Verlag 1980.
Marianne Fehr: Meienberg. Limmat Verlag , p. 263ff., 277-280 etc.
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