Traces Unseen

Antifascists in Switzerland 1933-1945

[original title:  Die unterbrochene Spur]

Switzerland 1982. 16mm, b/w, 144 min.

Image: La trace interrompue Image: La trace interrompue

The tracks of our history from 1933 to 1945.

Immigrant antifascists and refugees in Switzerland: their living conditions; their work in camps and illegal circles. The Swiss who accommodated them and who support their resistance work as printers or transporters of illegal documents, messengers across the border or through donations.

The vanishing tracks: documents, texts, films; memories, scenes of actions, monuments. Counterpoints to the image of Switzerland as a country of asylum.

DirectorMathias Knauer
ScriptMathias Knauer
PhotographyRob Gnant
SoundAndreas Litmanowitsch
EditingMathias Knauer, Hannelore Küenzi, Rob Gnant
MusicRoland Moser
CollaboratorsAufnahmeleitung: Jürgen Karg
Duration144 min.
Screening formats16mm
Shooting format16mm ECN
VersionsSchweizerdeutsch/deutsch; sous-titres français, english subtitles
ReleaseSolothurn 1982
FestivalsMannheim 1982
Figuera da Foz 1982
Leipzig 1982
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ProductionFilmkollektiv Zürich / Mathias Knauer