Berta Urech, Quartiermacherin

A helper to refugees at Zurich Wipkingen

Switzerland 1989. 16mm, colour, 16 min.

Image: Berta Urech, Quartiermacherin Image: Berta Urech, Quartiermacherin

A woman tells how she searched for shelter and food for emigrants and refugees during the Hitler period.
Sympathy from the locals, problems with the authorities and the police – a lot of people who were politically persecuted hat to live illegally and be hidden in Switzerland.

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DirectorMathias Knauer
WithBerta Urech
PhotographyRob Gnant, Bernhard Lehner
SoundAndreas Litmanowitsch, Mathias Knauer
EditingMathias Knauer
Duration16 min.
Screening formats16mm
Shooting format16mm
ReleaseSolothurner Filmtage 1989
FestivalsSolothurn 1989
Distribution SwitzerlandSwitzerlandFilmkollektiv Zürich AG
Contact, World RightsMathias Knauer attacca Filmproduktion
Zollikerstrasse 259, CH-8049 Zürich
+41 44 493 49 11   +41 79 406 59 03
ProductionFilmkollektiv Zürich AG

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