Familie Tütüncü in der Fremde

Switzerland 1991. 35mm, colour, 113 min.

Image: Şeriat

For sixteen years Idris and Resmiye Tütüncü have been living in Switzerland with their children, according to their Turkish traditions and the Sunni Moslem religion. Some of their children were brought up in Turkey; the youngest were born in Switzerland. Depending on their age, they have been influenced to a greater or lesser extent by either Eastern or Western cultures. Traditional customs begin to be questioned in the family. The "foreign" element rear its head.
Two films in one: a man's look at a man's world - a woman's look at a woman's world. A film by Urs Graf and a film by Marlies Graf Dätwyler, interwoven yet clearly representing two totally different approaches to foreign culture, homeland, identity, social order, customs, music, communities and individuals, religion and piety, dogma and mysticism.

DirectorUrs Graf und Marlies Graf Dätwyler
PhotographyHans Stürm / Urs Graf
SoundUrs Graf / Marlies Graf Dätwyler
EditingUrs Graf / Marlies Graf Dätwyler
MusicOruc Güvenc, Gülten Uralli, Ensemble Tümata Istanbul, Ensemble der Mevlevi-Derwische Konya
Duration113 min.
Screening formats35mm
Shooting format16mm
VersionsDeutsch, Schweizerdeutsch, Türkisch (deutsche Untertitel)
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