Die Farbe des Klangs des Bildes der Stadt

Switzerland 1993. 16mm, colour, 25 min.


U.G.: Through space, time. THE SKIN OF THE CITY. So-called connections, identitiy. ACNE. So-called caos. NO. NOW.
E.W.-D.: HE aal-too also eyes voice some or this dissolved and re-grouped into syllabes SHE or do this with the sentence
A.Z.: Soundline - multiplied, split. Words, shouts, commentaires. About becoming rigid and breaking out of rigidity.

DirectorUrs Graf, Elisabeth Wandeler-Deck, Alfred Zimmerlin
WithHans Kern, Betty Dieterle, David Marquardt
PhotographyUrs Graf, Hans Stürm
SoundAndreas Rathgeb
EditingUrs Graf
Music"Wahrnehmungsschwäche für das Tempo der Zerstörung"
Alfred Zimmerlin, Elisabeth Wandeler-Deck,
Duration25 min.
Screening formats16mm
Shooting format16mm
Contact, World RightsUrs Graf
Blumenfeldstrasse 31, CH-8046 Zürich
+41 44 271 15 14
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ProductionFilmkollektiv Zürich