Die Zeit mit Kathrin

Switzerland 1999. 35mm, colour, 96 min.

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Quotations from the brochure of a school for actors: “We expect the students to use the free space at school to explore the roles they play in their everyday lives, but also all that is alien to them, both the imaginable and the unimaginable.” And: “It is said that an actor’s school is a place to discover what Man is, and what he might become despite everything.” In the words of Kathrin Bohny: “I never thought of training to be an actress in that way, but I'm curious to find out how it will be.” The film: a young woman, learning to know herself, and of what she is capable. The wide path she follows, in the four years that her training as an actress lasts.

DirectorUrs Graf
PhotographyOtmar Schmid, Werner Schneider, Björn Lindroos
SoundMartin Witz, Andreas Litmanowitsch
EditingUrs Graf
MusicAlfred Zimmerlin
Duration96 min.
Screening formats35mm
Shooting formatBeta SP
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