Suisse 2006. Beta SP, couleurs, 28 min.

Image: Greina Image: Greina

For the brief summer period, Giovanni Boggini, native of the village of Aquila (Blenio Valley in the southern part of Switzerland), leads his cattle onto the mountain pasture. We are in the Greina Alps, a vast plateau (7200 feet) which unites Ticino and Grisons. This will be the dairyman’s last year of producing his cheese and butter in a wood-fired cauldron, in the traditional way. These mountain heartlands have been forced to “modernise to European standards”. It is my belief that only a deep-seated passion for the trade could account for those individuals who, despite the difficulties, continue to keep it alive.

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RéalisationVilli Hermann
ScénarioVilli Hermann
AvecGiovanni Boggini, Barbara Peter, Jacopo Vanbianchi
CaméraHans Stürm
SonVilli Hermann
MontageVilli Hermann
MusiqueChristian Gilardi, Zeno Gabaglio, Marco Frantantonio
CollaborationFachliche Beratung: Esther Weiss (LBL), André Zimmermann (SRVA), Alex Hagmann.
Konzept für 8 Filme auf je zwei Monitoren zur schweizerischen Landwirtschaft für Expoagricole: Urs Graf.
Durée28 min.
Formats de projectionBeta SP
Format de tournageSony, DSR-390, Sony DSR-PD150, 4/3
Versions disponiblesItaliano, UT deutsch, st français
FestivalsSolothurn 2007
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ProductionImagofilm, Villi Hermann
Viale Cassarate 4 CH-6900 Lugano

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