Jürg Frey: Unhörbare Zeit

Ins Unbekannte der Musik

Suisse 2007. 4:3, Dolby, couleurs+n/b, 113 min.

Image: Jürg Frey: Unhörbare Zeit Image: Jürg Frey: Unhörbare Zeit Image: Jürg Frey: Unhörbare Zeit

A piece of music is being created. The second film in the series "Into the unknown of music": Composer Jürg Frey permits filmmaker Urs Graf to share – in close friendship - important aspects of his life and work and to witness the gradual growth of a piece of music, from the first intuition to its distinct form and final shape. The composer is forced to find his way from the untouched beauty of the simple and unambiguous musical materials to their definitive arrangement in a composition. The film offers intimate insights into the creative process, into the epitome of the inacessible – over a period of 18 months, until the first performance of the piece.
The US-magazine THE NEW YORKER mentioned the CD of «Unhörbare Zeit» on the top of its «Top Ten notable recordings of 2016». (edition Wandelweiser)

RéalisationUrs Graf
CaméraUrs Graf
SonUrs Graf
MontageUrs Graf, Marlies Graf Dätwyler
MusiqueFrey, Beuger, J.S. Bach, Crusell, T. Johnson, Ch. Wolff, Forqueray, Tallis, Mozart, Haydn
Durée113 min.
Formats de projection4:3, Dolby
Format de tournageDVCam
Versions disponiblesschweizerdeutsch/deutsch / Digi-Beta, Beta-SP, DVCam, DVD mit deutschen Untertiteln
CréationSolothurner Filmtage 2007
Acheter un DVDFilmkollektiv Zürich → Commande
Distribution en Suisse
Contact, droits mondiauxUrs Graf
Blumenfeldstrasse 31, CH-8046 Zürich
+41 44 271 15 14
ursgraf.film@bluewin.ch   www.urs-graf.ch
ProductionFilmkollektiv Zürich